Why Pursuing Tertiary Education is Super Cool?


Once you have completed your high school, there are several options that you could consider and one of it could be furthering your studies.


If this option only reminds you of painful routines such as waking-up early in the morning, rushing to classes, preparing for your tests and exams, completing your assignments and nothing else, that is simply because you are focussing on the past.


Now try this.


Look forward and imagine your bright future perhaps ten year from now. An advanced phase where you have completed your studies, earned your scroll and productively contributing to your family as well as the society.


Try to cultivate in your mind that getting a higher qualification is an investment for your future lifestyle. Let’s examine what are the perks of having a tertiary education :


  1. Highly educated people are mostly respected and recognised as ideal leaders particularly in commercial organizations. When you have higher education, you speak with authority and sound more credible.


  1. Salary packages and job promotions often commensurate with the level of education of an individual employee. With good income or earnings, you are able to improve yourself socially and economically.


  1. Higher education and professional training allows you to specialize in the field of your interest. You will have the opportunity to master a profession and be a subject-matter expert if you are really good at it. Sound knowledge and skills contribute to a progressive and civilised society.


  1. University or college syllabus prepares your mind to be critical and analytical in solving complex issues. It matures your thoughts, stretches your intelligence and enhances your creative thinking skills. Those skills are important particularly when handling crises and problems.


  1. Your experience as a student at university or college could also assist you to shape a strong personality and build positive character as well. You get to mingle with people from diverse background. This kind of exposure will sharpen your communication skills, increase your confident level and make you to be more independent.


  1. Education affirmed by faith instils a deep sense of right and wrong. It promotes good behaviour and positive moral values.


The list goes on and on actually.


But one thing for sure, the scroll that you earned stays with you forever regardless of what happen to your car, home or other personal belongings. It is permanently and personally attached to you, so why not give it a try?


Tell us about your dream course and inspire the rest of the world with your views.


Good luck in your educational pursuits!


Feature Author :

Sukma Murni Ab Hadi

(Learning Specialist & Career Consultant)




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Career Prospects in Advertising, Public Relations, Journalism and Broadcasting Fields

June 11, 2014June 11, 2014
journalism       Feature Author : Sukma Murni Ab Hadi (Learning Specialist & Career Consultant)   If you love to work with people (especially VIPs and celebrities), able to cope with deadline pressures, have creative imaginations and could tolerate changeable schedules, these fields probably suit you well.   Ideally you should have a degree or higher qualifications and equipped yourself with excellent communication skills as well as good time management skills. You have to be articulate, precise and engaging in your approaches with people.   Your salaries and packages normally commensurate with your creative talent and the ability to express yourself in most presentable ways in order to capture and retain your audience. It is a rewarding career and mostly highly paid.   So, what are the careers options in these fields?   Dream Careers in Advertising & Public Relations Field
  • Art Director
  • Creative Director
  • Media Director
  • Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Layout Artist
  • Copywriter
  • Corporate Affairs Manager
  • Campaign Manager
  • Branding Manager
  • Advertising Consultant
  • Public Relations Executive
  • Foreign, Government Relations & Public Affairs Officer
  • Corporate Communications Executive
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Manager
  • Accounts Servicing Executive
  • Media Relations / Community Relations Executive
  • Media Planner
  • Media Buyer
  • Media Researcher
  • Production Controller
  • Event Manager / Planner / Co-ordinator
  Dream Careers in Journalism Field
  • Editor
  • News Editor
  • Sub-Editor
  • Journalist
  • Broadcast Journalist
  • Reporter
  • News Anchor
  • Content Writer
  • Creative Writer
  • Feature Writer
  • Press Secretary
  • Publisher
  Dream Careers in Broadcasting Field
  • TV / Radio Producer
  • TV / Radio News Anchor
  • Program Director
  • Production Manager
  • Station Manager
  • Newscaster / Announcer
  • Scriptwriter
  • Commentator
  If you are interested to build your careers in Advertising, Public Relations, Journalism and Broadcasting fields, you can further your studies in Mass Communication and choose your major for specialisation purpose.  

How to choose a course?

May 14, 2014May 14, 2014

Selecting the right course is part of the many lifelong choices we make and should not be taken lightly. However, many students are still in the dark when it comes to finding out which course fits them. In this short feature, we give you four ways to help streamline your decision-making process and take charge of your career path.

Know yourself first! mirror

Part of finding out the right course for you is to understand yourself. Here are a few questions you could ask yourself:

  • What are my likes and dislikes?
  • What are my favorite activities?
  • Am I an early riser? Or a midnight owl?
  • Does working in an air conditioned office sound better than working outdoors?
  • Which subjects am I good at? And which subjects am I weak?
  • Am I more reserved and quite? Or do I prefer to socialise with people?
  • What motivates or gives me satisfaction? Is it money? Fame and power? Is it through helping others?
  • Do I take negative comments personally? Or I tend to be more logical?
  • Am I more productive working alone? Or I prefer working with people?
What’s passion got to do with it?   crying   “I failed biology and I didn’t took chemistry. I feel so sad and hopeless but medicine is my passion.”

This is a classic example of how the word “passion” is misused these days.  It’s easy to be misled with the things we want. Getting something you want without actually sacrificing and putting effort on it, doesn’t equate to passion and thereby there is less value to it. In true passion, there is no place for mediocrity, it is about working hard, preparing yourself and giving your best shot.

Are you just under pressure?    pressured As your parents become more involved in your education, it’s likely you will have some disagreements and sometimes make compromises with them about college. While you don’t want to disappoint your parents, you have to find a way to find your own college and course that best fits for you. Respecting your parents’stake, communicating early your career aspirations and finding a way to balance your parents’ wants and your personal goals are a few ways to get the course you really want. Do your research! research  

Kids are very fortunate these days because information is widely available. Unfortunately not everyone would take the time to search and read.

Aside from talking to your parents and peers, there are greater and reliable avenues to get information. Newspapers (print and online) are among the best sources to find out which industry or job is abundant. Job postings on the classifieds give an idea how much a certain job makes. Some business papers provide forecast of what jobs are gonna be in the next few years.  Online forums are also good fishing grounds to get information about an institution of higher education. These information you get to read could help guide you make better and informed career choices. Basically, information is there, you just gotta know how and where to find them. —————— - Written by Lyn Cacha